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Ask your builder if they guarantee their work.
With the fluctuating industry, you need a contractor with the experience and warranties to ensure your designed space will continue to look good for a lifetime.

Fixed Pricing

Builders have no incentives to work efficiently, using “time and material” billing.
Fixed price contract means your contracted price is the amount you pay, regardless.

Materials Options

Material technology has revolutionized the industry.
Customers should be aware of all of their material options from treated lumber to low-maintenance selections.

Professional Crew

We pride ourselves on having a clean professional jobsite.
Neatly stacked material, jobsite dumpster, portable bathroom for convenience to crew members. Designer Spaces cares about the overall job, before, during and after the project is complete!

Customer Service

Everyone says they have excellent customer service. Ask for specific steps ensuring your satisfaction.
We take meticulous steps to ensure your satisfaction using a detailed 36-step process to ensure your project starts and ends on time. Online tracking gives customers instant information at their fingertips to know how the project is progressing.

Custom, 3D Designs

Top-view and hand drawings can lead to costly mistakes when you and your builder’s mental picture differs.
Our design quality reflects our detailed and quality approach to every facet of the building process. We tailor-fit every project to customers’ homes using a 3-D design. Our custom, 3-D designs leave no unanswered questions by you, or your builder.

Our Process

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